Picnic by the Sea}~

Endless days of summer sun
Finally school is done
Picnic by the sea
With the dog and family
Toes dipped in salted pool
As dad acts the fool
Sand buried up to his head
As the tide edges to his bed
Then running with ball at play
Amongst the frothy tidal spray
Laughing until it hurt
As we rolled amongst the gritty dirt
My brothers, sister and me
A perfect day by the sea
Ended with a sun dipped in pink edged gold
As we headed home on a darkening road
~by Amanda Aug 2018

Boardwalk Event has so much awesomeness going on .. this Picnic table & accessories from Salacity is so awesome.. and you can leave it as is or add food items to make it even more fun! It has SO MANY poses built in for any need you may have! And that pavilion .. perfection! The tree from Little Branch is PERFECT for the beach gently blowing in the breeze from the ocean .. I can even express how awesome the Flamingo Island and Flamingos are from TLC .. you really do need to experience them in person to get the full awesomeness of them.  I was able to edit the sand on the island to match the sand on my land .. not to mention all the other TLC items.. the seagulls..the dog & crab!!


Salacity @ Boardwalk till June 15th
Pick-a-Nick Set
– PG or Adult versions loaded with animations for Solo or Couples
Accessories Set Includes:
Open Cooler (drink giver)
Closed Cooler w/ 2 sit animations
Beer – Open & Closed versions
Soda – Open & Closed versions
Table Cloth
They can be purchased as a FULL Set(Table & Accessories)
or SeparatelyBeach Collage

Salacity @ The Liasion Collaborative till May 26th
Webster Pavilion

Little Branch @ Boardwalk thru June 15th

TLC ‘Flamingo Island’*
there is a regular size & a mini version
TLC Flamingos*
– comes in Animesh versinos or Regular Mesh Versions &
a “Hybrid” version that has a Texture Menu
– once you enable the motion on the Hybrid you can no longer access
the Menu
Animesh – Feeding & Walking
Hybrid – Feeding & Walking
Regular Mesh – Feeding, Walking, & One LegFlamingo Texture selections

TLC – Seagulls FATPACK – Version 2*
– Standing
– Hovering
– Clockwise circling (not used)
– AntiClockwise Circling (not used)
– Seagull Sign with Nail (not used)

TLC Beach Gacha #10
Adult Pointer Dog from “A Day at the Lake” set used
TLC Pond – ornamental grass 1
TLC Pond – bulrush 2

BJK * The Gas Station Gacha * Burguer plate
JIAN – Pool Party Pups
Dachshund Spinning Floater

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