I crossed my fingers}~

I want no more worries or anymore woes
Even that of an itchy nose,
To all and any bad luck I want to be immune,
I crossed my fingers.

For love I might pull the petals from a rose
Or perhaps I will wear a charm on my clothes,
Maybe I will whistle a very happy tune
I most certainly will step over a crack this afternoon,
For good luck I will do anything I truly suppose.
I crossed my fingers.
~by Randy L. McClave


FashionNatic @ Cosmopolitan Nov. 4th-16th
Vittoria Jacket & Skirt
– available in 10 individual colors as well as a Fatpack
– comes with a Hud to change misc. parts of jacket
(straps/stripes, pockets, underneath Tshirt, etc),
tshirt can be turned on/off via the hud

!MOZ @coming to eBento Nov. 11th /128/128/22
“Aspen” Ankle Boot
– gorgeous boots available in individual colors or in Fatpacks
– comes with a hud to change the strap colors & the stones

{Limerence} Diza

Something New~ Fall Fantasy
– November Group Gift
– 4 poses built into Prop


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