I was busy…}~

“I lied and said I was busy.
I was busy; but not in a way
most people understand.

I was busy taking deeper breaths.
I was busy silencing irrational thoughts.
I was busy calming a racing heart.
I was busy telling myself I am okay.

Sometimes, this is my busy –
and I will not apologize for it.”
― Brittin Oakman

This is literally how I feel sometimes. And thankfully I have some awesome Designers/Blog Managers that are so understanding when I’m struggling & all I can manage to do is “self care” .. zone & rest & take time to come back to being ME!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for being SO UNDERSTANDING!!


!MOZ – Mona Eyelet Lace PJ Set
Sizes: Freya, Isis, eBody Classic & Curvy,
Maitreya, Slink Orig & HG, Tonic Fine & Curvy
Available in 8 beautiful colors or as a Fatpack

*Pink Hustler* – disordered hair – 5

Photo Booth – Cozy Bedroom
Slow Motion Bento Pose Set- #3 Pose used

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