moving on }~

…and maybe a happy ending
doesn’t include a guy, maybe
it’s you, on your own,
picking up the pieces and starting
over, freeing yourself up for
something better in the
future, maybe the happy
ending is just
moving on.


FashionNatic @ Cosmopolitan thru Nov. 16th
Brielle Top & Skirt
each available in 10 single colors or a Fatpack of 40 solid
& 20 prints
– Top Hud that allows you to shut off the bra,
& change individual areas of the top
– Skirt Hud lets you shut off the Fishnet
& change individual areas
sized for Maitreya, Freya, & Legacy
Addams // Zoe Combat Boots

{Limerence} Dani

Image Essentials @ Twe12ve thru Nov. 30th
Vintage Travel
– includes prop & 5 posesBrielle Collage

KraftWork – Berlin U-Bahn Backdrop
-Traumhaltestelle Bahnhof
– Dark Bench
– U-Bahn
– Ausgang Sign
– Info Sign Wheelchair
Silver – Dummy 16 – pregnant woman

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