I Saw Mommy Kissing….A Snowman!?

This is an adorable pose from Something New.. she has SOOOO many cute poses that include pose props that you won’t know which to get.. and so reasonably priced you’ll want to go ahead and get them ALL!!

The Hilly Haalan Coat I’m wearing didn’t come in a Freya size (which when I bought it I didn’t realize) BUT I thought OK and tried the “Classic Fitmesh” size and it worked well enough.. I just used my Hud to alpha out what needed to be done and it worked perfectly!! And I was digging through my inventory to find a hair with a winter cap that would work with this coat and dug out an old Truth one that works perfectly!!


hilly haalan – Veronica Coat
– I used the “classic fitmish” on my Freya body
since it didn’t have that size built in
Cake leggings
Craven Boots

Truth – Irenka [+Hat]

Something New~
I Saw Mommy Kissing….A Snowman!
– visit the winter wonderland they’ve
created at the store!!

Giant Forest Oak
Deep Forest Pine 10
Forest Floor – Base 2

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