Can’t Sleep}~

I’m awful at over thinkink EVERYTHING .. which tends to make it hard to sleep!! At least I have a nice cosy little spot to relax and overthink .. Like how I’m overthinking y’all should be running to Sway’s to grab this stuff for Secret Sunday SALE before it ends tonite at 12SLT !!

Can't Sleep.png

Sway’s for Secret Sale Sunday available till midnite tonite!
[Katya] chaise lounge . brown / PG
– also availabe in cream
Hud w/pose animations for single w/wo a friend(20) & couples(10)
Also 3 textures for pillows & blanket
[Jasper] Concrete Shelf / Room Divider
– comes with and w/o decor
[Facette] Table
[Facette] Lamp
[Cat] Planter – Cactus/Flower/&Grass versions

Items are 100% original Mesh created and textured by Sway Dench.Sway's [Jasper] Concrete Shelf _ Room Divider 3_2

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