Bad Girl}~

Try me because I said so
Struck me within my ego
I’ve been a bad girl, don’t you know?
(Don’t tell me what’s your deal)
Come get it now or never
I’ll let you do whatever
I’ll be your bad girl, bad girl
Miss me, miss me, now you wanna kiss me
Guys, this awesome lamp from Zanne’s Odds & Ends is an exclusive at Spicy Event. This lamp is perfect to SPICE up your room if you like that seuxally playful look and would be PERFECT for those sexual play sims like Swingers & BDSM places!!

Zanne’s Odds & Ends @Spicy
Vibrator Lamp w/ Anal Bead Pull (Spicy Exclusive)
– make a copy and you can change color in EDIT mode
– select face for the area you want to change

I wanted to show you the different glows of the light you can see it below

IZOE Table Lamp

Budgetberry – Bunny – Bra & Panties
Lace Version – Stockings Pack (1/17 FLF)

*PH* – disordered hair // 5

Synnergery – Express Yourself

Le Fashion Whore – Kitten Set
Pillow Decor – Bad Girl
Cuddly Cock 3
Rabbit Dildo Decor – Purple & Yellow
Anal Plug Decor – Green
Wrapped Condom Decor Blue & Yellow
+Half-Deer+ Lingerie Clutter – Nude – Draped (Bra)
Kira Four-Post Bed
Kira Five-Drawer Dresser
Kira Portrait Mirror

Marlene Vanity (nickel/pale)
Clifford Sconce
Bee Designs – Pretty Girl Gacha
-FairyDust, Happy, & Lips
Synngery – Sex Toy Bag(belongs to a different pose)
[MODA] Ficus Elastica Plant: Black
Z.O.E. – Books – Adventures in SL (Resizeable)
Jian – Scruffy Shepherds 13. Sleepy Pup



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