A Quiet Place…}~

Learn to relax in a quiet place of peace.
You will calm your nerves, and find great releaase.
Learn to take time out, just to be alone.
Find you a quiet place, in your home.
Learn to Escape, into a place of bliss.
This should be the first, to go down on your list.
Learn to live a life that is nice and calm.
You’ll be able to think clearly, away from all harm.
~By Sandra Juanita Nailing


Z.O.E. EXCLUSIVES for Vanity thru Feb 8th
Vintage Dresser
– available in Light/Medium/&Dark versions
Vintage Clock w/ Mount
– can be used with or w/o mount (to hang on wall?)
Vintage Swirled Lamp
– with 3 light strengths
Vintage Books
Geometric Sphere DecorZOE DresserZOE STUFF


[Andrea] Armchair . red
[Andrea] Table with decor
[Andrea] Wall Art big: peace, confetti, umbrella, translation
[Amor] Roll Up Window Blind – Narrow . in Love
[Vondra] Rug with fringes . woven
Conure Habitat
Newfie Pewfs 3. Black Companion

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