Treat Your Self on Valentines Day}~

Be Your Own Valentine

Petit Chat @ SL Shop & Hop 50% off!
Romantic Dinner Table & Chair
– Chair: 8 color options + 15 anims
Romantic Place Mat
– 8 color options
Romantic Dinner Candlestick
– Exclusive Gift for Shop & Hop Event Feb. 6th – 23rd
– Color Menu to match the rest of the Romantic Set
Chocolats Fins (Open)
– decor only
– open & closed options included
As always copy and modify and materials
enabled & 100 % original meshPC Collage

[Hedy] Cake Stand with Cupcakes
[Hedy] Plate & Mug – empty / finished

Singles Awareness Clutter – Magazines
dust bunny
sweetheart fondue board
Somebunny Balloon / Chocolate Chips
Scruffy Shepherds 19. Held Silver Black
Scruffy Shepherds 2. Adult Wanderer RARE
Kitten Booties :: Decor Sleepies (Rez me!)
Cloverdale Cottage
Landscaping by Little Branch

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