It’s A Jungle Out There}~

Am I ready for the real world, will I pass the test?
You know it’s a jungle out there
Ain’t nothin’ gonna stop me, I won’t be second best,
But the joke’s on those who believe the system’s fair, oh yeah

Teacher, teacher, can you teach me?
Can you tell me if I’m right or wrong?
Teacher, teacher, can you reach me?
I want to know what’s goin’ on, oh yeah

Hot For Teacher2

FashionNatic @ Cosmpolitan thru Feb 27th
Alvida Top, Skirt, & Boots
Top & Skirt available in 10 individual colors(skirt also comes in 6 denim as well)              or a Fatpack which also includes 10 prints
Hud lets you change different areas of each item
indivudually to creat your own unique look!
Boots come in a HUGE Fatpack HuD which also
allows you to change individual areas of the boot.
Skirt includes a built in pantie which can be turned on/off through a hud

Below you can see each individual area that can be colored using the HuD

FashionNatic CollageFashionNatic AlvidaMakeup and/or Accessories:
Deep Static @ Cosmopolitan thru Feb 27th
Diana Glasses
– comes with a large HuD to resize & change color of frames and/or lens,
also allows youto change the transparency to your likingDiana HuD

Doe – Paris

Sassy Sweet Poses – Lessons
Minimal – Lockers – Black *Rare*


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