Flow’r Power|~

How radiant. A lovely sight
Glowing in the bold sunlight.
Love, peacefulness and mirth—
Giving joy upon the earth.
Sunflower. Unique you are.
Your beauty radiates afar—
Engaging the human race,
As always, with a happy face.
Lovely is the song you sing,
Its heartfelt melody to ring.
A song of beauty and of grace
Lends expression to the face.
How charming is the sunflow’r—
Adding zing to flow’r power.
~ by walterrean salley Jan 2015


Boosh– Kendall Ripped Tee Whatever
Pseudo– Pheobe Cargo’s White

Analog Dog – Mink

Sunflower Bento Pose Set
3 poses w/prop attachments
(#3 pose used)
Sunflower Field Scene/Backdrop

Little Branch Landscaping


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