яєℓαχ уσυя ѕριяιт

If you relax your spirit,
your body will also relax.
Start today by closing your eyes
and legging go of any tension.
Relax at the deepest possible level.
Notice how that feels, and then
see if you can repeat that experience
at different times throughout the day.

Relax Your Spirit

Sway’s @ Tlalli Fair March 10th -28th
Yumi Tea Set – available as set or separately
– Wood Tray w/Teapot empty cup,
cup filled with Green Tea
– Potted Bamboo plant
– Zen Garden w/Rake, sand, pebbles
– Floor Pillows of woven straw w/ 10 animations
w/ auto rez tea cups when appropriate
– Room Divider in beige, pink, & a mix as well
as a scripted one that can be touched to change color
– Table – low wooden
– Rug

Landscaping by Little Branch

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