∂яιик σиℓу ωιтн fяιєи∂ѕ..

I decided to stop drinking with creeps.
I decided to drink only with friends.
I’ve lost 30 pounds.
~Ernest Hemingway


Munky & Olyver are both wearing

DOUX– Ciara
Stealthic – Baron (Olyver)
Alantori – Chase Hairbase(Olyver)

Synnergy @Pose Fair Market
Friendship Pose – Exclusive
50% off during event
-includes 3 poses for each M/F, M,M, & F,F
built into the Trolley Prop
The Bearded Guy – C90 Barrio Backdrop


About the Pose Fair Market! During these times of global crisis we, at Pose Fair, wanted to do something to give back to the community. The residents of Second Life have been so supportive of our events for the last decade and now we all need a little bit of help and we want to do our part in making life a little bit more fun and more affordable.

We want you to still be able to get creative and make beautiful art during this time. We need you and your beautiful photos! So, at the Pose Fair Market, you’ll find your favorite pose stores with new items and previous releases and everything will be marked down at least 50%. In addition to the big discounts, you’ll find a gift from every single store for our FREE Pose Fair Lovers group. We hope this will help you continue to do what you do best, whether you’re a blogger, a photographer, or just like taking photos of your loved ones, we want you to still be able to get the poses you need.

This event is FREE for pose makers to participate, because they’re facing the same struggles as everyone else and we wanted to give back to them, too, and help them during this time.

We open at noon on April 24th and we will have fresh new poses each month on the 24th, until the world has restored itself to some semblance of normalcy and order. We sincerely hope that it will be all over soon.

We send our love, thanks, and our best wishes to everyone, especially those who have experienced this illness first-hand and those who are still risking their lives every day as essential workers. We love you and appreciate you! ♥

We hope to see you here!

Additional Decor:
Hot Pizza Vendor
Sandwich Vendor
Lagom – College Life. [Beer case]#01
*bbqq*- SiChuan hot pot Gacha-02-Beer case-Recycle

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