Dorm Life}~

Best & Worst part of Dorm Life 1. Best: You finally get to move out and have your own space.. even if you have to share with a roomate. 2. Worst: Realizing you live on the fifth floor and having to carry heavy loads up the stairs. 3. Best: There are tons of people merely … More Dorm Life}~

The Haunted Mirror

A haunted mirror shows this face Hell couldn’t etch anything worse A reflection that shows it’s age Understanding what this means Now it’s telling me…that I’ve aged That it’s the premonition of time Ending whatever thoughts of youth Driven to gaze into a haunted mirror My face now shows it’s extreme fear It’s more than … More The Haunted Mirror

Seasons End

  It’s that time of the year, time to pack up the summer dresses, pull out the sweaters and jackets . Close up the summer home, throw the protective sheets over the furniture(by Trompe Loeil – Draped Couch, Chair & Table)   and prepare for the cooler weather. Its a sad time of year, I … More Seasons End