Standing in the silence of loneliness, I ponder a life with others, A day in the sun with friends, With family and lovers, But instead i wait patiently, Patiently longing for an inclusion, Far away from my… …. … …seclusion. ~ Simon Clark Aug 2012 Wearing: ::BLOSSOM:: Viviana Peasant Blouse & Skirt – Maitreya, Belleza, … More Waiting

Save Myself

I gave all my oxygen to people that could breath I gave away my money and now we don’t even speak I drove miles and miles but would you do the same for me Oh honestly? Offered up my shoulder just for you to cry upon Gave you constant shelter and a bed to keep … More Save Myself

Drunk (In Love)

Everybody complains about how when drunk their past lovers call them and confess their undying love But I find it such a tender act that at the moment when they have lost all control of their bodies that they think of you ….. and I wish with all my heart that he would do that … More Drunk (In Love)

Mind over Matter

Pushing forward for another me, Pushing through the pain, Towards the goal i see, Refuse to remain the same. Enough of the cutting, Enough of the hurt, Enough rebuffing, Its time to be alert. I decided to change, I’m sure that i can, Sick of feeling strange, I have a new plan. Mind over matter, … More Mind over Matter

Missing you ..

I always catch my breath And I’m still standing here And you’re miles away And I’m wondering why you left And there’s a storm that’s raging Through my frozen heart tonight I hear your name in certain circles And it always makes me smile I spend my time Thinking about you And it’s almost driving … More Missing you ..

Babe Watch ..

.. and it definitely will be when you’re wearing this beautiful bikini by Blossom! It comes with a fantastic 14 color HUD for coloring the top/strings independently of  each other which gives you soooo many color options!! And 18 colors for the bottoms with several prints to match the solids Wearing: ::BLOSSOM:: Cherry Bikini – … More Babe Watch ..

Take her swimming on a first date!

Wait.. WHAT!? Nooooooooo I had on this gorgeous makeup from .kosmetik so of course I didn’t want it getting all messed up!!  Hair: AD(AnalogDog)-Ava -Browns (can’t remember the event its at) Makeup & Nails: .kosmetik – Summer Gel Nails.vivid @Applique Event June15th – 18 color HUD for Maitreya, Omega, Slink, & Vista available .kosmetik (onMP)- … More Take her swimming on a first date!