Joyful Bloom

I love when it gets warm out and you want to enjoy it but you have to work  so you grab a sandwich for lunch and step outside to enjoy the sun beating down on you for a quick break from working. Wearing: Scandalize – Valvena – Maitreya, Belleaa, & Slink – 20+color HuD for … More Joyful Bloom


“She was unstoppable. Not Because she did not Have failures or doubts. But Because She continued on despite them. “ Had to show off this gorgeous outfit from Fashionnatic that comes with a hud FULL of colors for both the top AND the skirt. So many ways to wear them. And this hair by Phoenix … More Unstoppable..

The Haunted Mirror

A haunted mirror shows this face Hell couldn’t etch anything worse A reflection that shows it’s age Understanding what this means Now it’s telling me…that I’ve aged That it’s the premonition of time Ending whatever thoughts of youth Driven to gaze into a haunted mirror My face now shows it’s extreme fear It’s more than … More The Haunted Mirror