Australia needs our HELP!

ONE easy way you can help is run to Something New and purchase one of the 4 poses she has out now that 100% of the sales go toward 100% sales to go to RSPCA NSW- Bushfire Appeal for other ways please see #7 below!! Seeing all the devastation and how many animals have been … More Australia needs our HELP!

Comfort .. }~

Comfort You are my solace. Every moment I’m with you I’m in a world of serenity, I don’t want to escape, Please don’t set me free. Cause I want to be a prisoner in this dream. ~by Mae Mo of Moz Designs recently Re-vamped her Slouch boots to work with her Skinny Jeans, the results … More Comfort .. }~

Someboday Save Me}~

Somebody get the doctor, I think I’m gonna crash Never paid the bill because I just ain’t got the cash Somebody save me I lost my job, they kicked me out of my tree, Somebody save me save me, look out Save me Wearing: Eyelure – Slip Dress -10 different designs on Hud -Maitreya, Belleza, … More Someboday Save Me}~