My Happy Place ..

It’s no secret, or shouldn’t be, that I love being on, in. or by the water.. I LOVE beaches .. and I was lucky to be invited last minute to go on vacation with my middle sister and her husband.. we weren’t sure where we were going but we were heading south .. well.. we ended up in Gulf Shores Alabama spending our days enjoying the beach & ocean over the 4th .. then this past Sunday was my RL birthday which I spent with family in my parents pool!

When its nice and hot out a Popsicle is always refreshing!! As you can see I got a little pink .. ok red.. from being in the sun so much .. but it was way worth it! And this dress.. its so perfect for relaxing on the beach or going to a party even! Comes with 4 pattern color hud. 


.kosmetik – Lotion+Burn -catwa hud comes with 3 different amounts of lotion & 3 different levels of sunburn-available @ The Makeover Room

.kosmetik – Teeth+Tongue.stained-catwa hud with 12 colors -available at the main store

SLC(Serina Lacava Collection)  Breezy Lace Doll Dress *4 Patterns*-4 Color Hud-sizes Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Standard XS-XL

Meva Bento Flower Rings Maitreya Box

no.match_ ~ NO_ESCAPE ~
{Vaydia} – The Widows Peak OMEGA hud-hair base

Design Set:
Kei’s SoBe Lounger (lime)
dust bunny . getaway basket
dust bunny . beach bag . chevron
dust bunny . beach towel tote . floral

My own creation

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