Serenity by the Sea

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”
― Lao Tzu

[Agwe] Sofa2

Sway’s – Agwe Set
– Sofa pattern & plain /Adult & PG versions avail.
– comes with a hud to change the beautiful color patterns
– 14 singles & 8 couple in PG + 8 adult poses in Adult vers.
– Side table
– Vase with Monstera leaves[Agwe] Sofa Collage

LB(LittleBranch) – SweetChestNut*7Li{Seasons}*Animated
50% Discount @LB Cosmopolitan Store thru Sunday the 19th

Fancy Decor: – Coffee Table
Fancy Decor: – Handled Box (silver)
.peaches. – Tap That App – Laptop and Books
C L A Vv. – Beer
C L A Vv. – Sunflower Beef Burger
dust bunny . – pilea peper plant
{what next} – House Plant – Rubber Tree (stand)
{what next} – Vintage Suitcases Stack
[Merak] – Tres Chic Gift Pillow
Gruwcreation – Millennial Bedroom_Folded blanket
Bazar – Crete-Basket 01
PILOT – Plant Stand Trio [White]
{Petite Maison} – Kate Seat: Teal
{Petite Maison} – Brynn Flower Vase
{Petite Maison} – Fashion Book Stack
{Petite Maison} – Framed Prints: I’m not Bossy: Turquoise
+Half-Deer+ – Book Clutter – Stack – Dark
.:revival:. – basket 1
.:revival:. –  basket 2
.:revival:. – basket books
Z.O.E. – Outer Corner Shelf
Salacity – Keepsake Box (Teal)
Salacity – Planet Orbs Decor
Jian – Choco Lab Pupper Basket
Jian – Lively Labs :: Chocolate Held Pup
Raindale – Daybreak gazebo (with string lights)

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