Dorm Life}~

Best & Worst part of Dorm Life
1. Best: You finally get to move out and have your own space..
even if you have to share with a roomate.
2. Worst: Realizing you live on the fifth floor and
having to carry heavy loads up the stairs.
3. Best: There are tons of people merely
steps away to hang out with 24/7.
4. Worst: When the dubstep-blasting jerk
next door keeps you up late at night.
5. Best: Every dorm is it’s own little hub of entertaining drama,
like a personal soap opera
6. Worst: You’re bound to have a something
said about you that’s not true.
7. Best: If you get locked out and forget your keys,
you can just call your roommate to open the door.
8. Worst: Getting locked out while taking a shower in the communal bathrooms,
and not having your phone on you.
9. Best: There’s usually a cleaning staff that will
take out the trash and clean the bathrooms.
10. Worst: You have to deal with everyone else’s disgusting
habits until the staff comes for their rounds.
11. Best: All-you-can-eat dining halls.
12. Worst: Dining hall food isn’t all that great
after eating there for an entire semester.
13. Best: Always having a posse to roll out and party with.
14. Worst: Staying in on the weekend and having
to deal with everyone’s drunk antics.
15. Best: Having lounges and common
spaces to hang with all your besties.
16. Worst: The guy who hangs out in the lounge
and insists on playing his guitar for everyone.
17. Best: Dating someone in your dorm —
lots of cuddling and no awkward campus-crossing home.
18. Worst: Breaking up with your beau from across the
hall and having to hide whenever you catch sight of them.
19. Best: When your roommate is never around and you have a dingle:
a room advertised as the size of a double, but is pretty much a single.
20. Worst: When your roommate is home all the time
and watches television without their headphones on.

But at least with this furniture you won’t have to worry about your
room being too crowded or looking bad!!DormDesk2

Design Set:
Salacity @ Home & Garden Expo
Dorm Desk & Chair
PG & Adult Available
(chair also available alone)
There is also a Dorm Loft, Dorm Bed(lower), & Dorm Dresser that matches the Dorm Desk&Chair
Including other items which can be found
at Salacity’s main store
Salacity – Inkjet Printer
Salacity – SmacBook (social)
Salacity Drink Coaster
Salacity – Stapler (beige)

The Desk & Chair set match these other “Dorm” items also from Salacity! And Upper Loft style bed, lower style bed, & dresser .. loaded with TONS of animations for singles & couples!Snapshot_013

floorplan. notebook clutter
Fancy Decor: Photo Paper Stack
Urban Degenerate – File Folders – Red, Green, Blue(pack includes Grey&Black too)
Peaches ‘N Cream – CESP – Girly Posters
Kalopsia – Summer Chill – Magazine Black
+Half-Deer+ Colorful Pens – Assorted Pastel

Marlene Untied Tie Up Shirt
Ginger Boyfriend Jean w/Belt
-KC- – Astrid Ankle Boot

MINA – Ariel

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