By the Seaside}~

Swinging back and forth,
the tumultous roar of the waves
makes her feel at peace with life.
Her feet making impressions
Etched in the sand.

At a distance, she sits and gazes,
Waiting for the blooming sun,
To radiate her face.
The silent breeze gushing towards her,
Innates a joyful feeling
A feeling which stays forever.
~by Reshma Joel


featuring T|L|C

 Puffin Island Set
 Sealion Colony_full set
 Pelican Animated

Beach Gacha
# 1 _RARE – Notice Sign
# 8 – Barrel w/Pelican
#10 – Crab w/ Bottle
#11 – Rock w/Bird

 Pond – bulrush 2
 Pond – ornamental grass 2

Landscapes Unlimited – Tropics Silver Sim Surround Environment

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