She is a Mermaid…}~

“She is a mermaid, but approach her with caution.
Her mind swims at depths most would drown in.”
~by J. Iron WordSnapshot_008 (2)

Good Things Bento Pose Set
– inlcudes 3 poses w/Floppy Hat Prop

TLC Animals
Puffin Island Set
Pond – bulrush 2
Dragonfly/Liliy Set
Feeding Gallinule [Spot-flanked] Set2
Seagull [Hovering V2]
Seagull [AntiClockWise Circling]

Pool Party Pups – Chihuahua Spinning Floater
& Dachshund Drifting Floater
Beach Party Pointers – Shark Companion Pup

Little Branch

Salacity – Webster Pavilion

Good Girl Collage

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