She Pays a High Price|~ᗷEIᑎG EᔕᔕEᑎTIᗩᒪ

I made this picture thinking of all the Nurse & Front line people in direct contact with the virus .. the ones that have to “social distance” themselves from their own family in fear of infecting them. THIS IS FOR THEM

Wear your damn mask so they can finally be with their family’s again!!

The Price of Being Essential


The Price of Being Essential3

Nerdy Girl – Scrubs Peds Unit

Nurse Mask

Something New ~ Separation Heartache

Delilah is Wearing:
*Baby Pie*
Mirabelle Dress & Hairbow
Olyver is wearing:
*Arcane Spellcaster*
Shirt Lucas
Pant Iacopo

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