Ball {was} life ..

Every morning she woke up early
When emptiness would invade the court
But she would break her each sweat
Being crystal clear about her goal

Her every victory and her every loss
Made her improve from who she was
She had dreams to achieve, races to compete
She didn’t have time to give up

She recognised her weaknesses
Determined and earnest
She toiled alone each day
She worked hard to be the best

Slowly, patience seemed to wear out
The results weren’t in haste
Loss after loss gave its taste to her
She accepted it as her fate

She let the thread loose
The fire inside of her seemed to be dim
Things that she cared so much for
Seemed so far away, so slim

She was made of passion
Of a driving sensation
And all she amounts to now
Are long lost appreciations
~by Adya Jha on HelloPoetry

So, this pose prop/pack comes with so many different poses that I created this slideshow to let you see them all!! I hope you enjoy it!!

adorsy – Erika Shorts Fatpack – Maitreya(only)- 45 color HuD for main/collar/sleeves/buttons
adorsy – Erika Top Fatpack – Maitreya(only)- 35 color HuD for Main/inside/pockets/Stripes(onpocket)/waistband&loops/Suspenders
– also includes a lettering HuD to create your own label on the pocket stripes
Vinyl – 6th Ave Crochet Chucks Fatpak – Maitreya, Belleza, & Slink – 18 color HuD for main/trim/&laces

IE (Image Essentials) – Backyard Basketball

TRUTH  – VIP March – Bewkie

Pseudo- Waverly-Way Scene RARE
BMW Motor


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